Refined, deodorized, frozen sunflower oil of the Kukhar SV and TM ZetAlbet trademark is produced from unrefined oil by carrying out a full purification cycle, namely: refining, deodorization, freezing. At the same time, sunflower oil retains vitamins A, E, K.

       Sunflower seed oil is naturally high in Omega 6 and vitamins A, E, K, which are an important part of a balanced and healthy human diet.

       Sunflower oil brand P TM Kukhar SV and trademark Zet Albet does not emit carcinogens and is perfectly used when frying, baking, the oil does not burn, does not smoke or foam. Oil brand P from TM Kukhar SV and TM Zet Albet has a neutral smell and taste, which allows it to be used in various dishes, while maintaining the deep taste of the ingredients.

       Refined, deodorized, frozen sunflower oil of the Kukhar SV and ZetAlbet trademarks is ideal for cooking hot dishes, meat dishes, baking, baking, various salads, sauces, mayonnaises and many other products.

      TM Kukhar SV and TM ZetAlbet oils are packaged in 1L PET containers. (net weight 0.920 kg) and 5 liters. (net weight 4.6 kg)

        Storage conditions: 24 months in a closed container, at temperatures ranging from 0º to +30ºС.

        Sunflower oil from TM Kukhar SV and TM ZetAlbet is used by consumers throughout Ukraine and abroad. Oil TM Kukhar SV and TM ZetAlbet is exported to Europe, Asia, China and neighboring countries.

Refined Deodorized Winterized Sunflower Oil type P

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