• Ghee

        Ghee TM Kuhar SV with a fat content of 99.8% is a high quality butter. Ghee is a refined butter that is widely used in culinary, confectionery and deli products. The product, made on the basis of ghee, is obtained with a rich creamy taste and aroma. Also, in ghee TM Kuhar SV, you can fry food without harm, it does not smoke and does not burn.

        Ghee TM Kuhar SV contains vitamins A, E, D, K, increases immunity, regulates the digestion process, does not clog the body and nourishes nerve cells.

        Ghee is used in the preparation of various sweets, baked goods, desserts, soups and main courses, due to which the products are tender and fragrant. It is also recommended to use ghee in baby food.


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